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Do you ship overseas?
Fantastic question. Bien sur we do! $16 flat rate added at checkout.

What is the Frequent Buyer Program?
Uh, just our favorite program ever! Think of those coffee cards except you don't have to hold onto the card. For every ten blanket purchases you make from, your next one is free. We keep track and let you know when free is in sight.

What if my baby has an extra long name?
Hmmm... like Penelope rather than Penny or Harrison over Harry? Longer names (usually 8+ letters) are stitched along the side.

How quickly can I get my blanket?
Lauren, would you like to take this one? Why yes, thank you! Each blanket is made to order (letters cut, blanket sewn) and sent within 2 weeks. If you need it sooner, simply email or call and ask politely!

What is recycled fleece?
Fleece that is labeled "recycled" is made using a fiber spun from recycled soda bottles. It is also a very high quality no pill fleece that is amazingly soft and super warm.

Who makes laurenceleste?
Easy! Lauren Murphy and Celeste Bayer hand cut each letter and stitch the names along with teddy onto the blankets. Local seamstresses assist with the organic cotton layette sets, designed by Celeste and Lauren. And then there is the UPS guy...

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