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lauren murphy & celeste bayer

Lauren and Celeste had a simple wish. Together they would create a collection of clothing that would be stylish, cuddly and soft, but also ecologically responsible. Organic cotton was the perfect answer. Putting the purest fabric next to baby’s sensitive skin made perfect sense. By using these natural fibers they could also promote the practice of organic farming and help eliminate the use of caustic and harmful chemicals in the soil. After all, farmland that is harmed today may not be available for our children tomorrow.

Over 25% of all pesticide used in the US occurs during the cotton cultivation process. In addition, much of the finished cotton is treated with harsh chemicals and bleach to acheive its color. Organically grown cotton is produced without the input of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The fabrics are either colorgrown or colored using low impact dyes.

ecospun fleece
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