Lauren and Celeste

Laurenceleste was formed by two friends, Lauren Murphy and Celeste Bayer. Born from the simple question in 1994, "Hey Lauren, do you know how to sew?" the company found it's humble beginnings in a small San Francisco apartment.

It turned out that both Lauren and Celeste could sew very well. They began with a small retail catalog to showcase their designs sold at Bay Area street fairs and farmer's markets. With a move to Chicago, laurenceleste introduced their wholesale offering. Designing and manufacturing seasonal collections for infants and toddlers, laurenceleste became available in over 200 boutiques and department stores across the US, England, and Japan. From the very beginning, the company focused on organic cotton for the first layers and separates, with Ecospun fleece for outerwear and blankets, pioneering the use of these environmentally conscious materials. Laurenceleste items have always been made in the USA, using skilled and careful hands close to home.

In 1996, they made a blanket for a friend's nephew, with the little boy's name and a plush teddy bear hand sewn to the polar fleece. The "Kirby" blanket was added to the catalog and featured on their first website. What began as a special request from a friend has become a favorite gift for thousands of customers. Many years later, each blanket is still stitched by Lauren and Celeste with their own love of the craft and good thoughts for each baby (after all, they know each little one by name!) A perfect and snuggly start for little Michael, Sophia, or Grace.

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Organic Cotton

Lauren and Celeste had a simple wish. Together they would create a collection of clothing that would be stylish, cuddly, and soft, but also ecologically responsible. Organic cotton was the perfect answer. Putting the purest fabric next to baby's sensitive skin made perfect sense. By using these natural fibers, they could also promote the practice of organic farming and help eliminate the use of caustic and harmful chemicals in the soil and waterways. After all, farmland that is harmed today may not be available for our children tomorrow.

Over 25% of all pesticide used in the United States occurs during the cotton cultivation process. In addition, much of the finished cotton is treated with harsh chemicals and bleach to achieve its color. Organically grown cotton is produced without the input of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The fabrics are either color grown or colored using low impact or natural dyes.


Laurenceleste uses Polartec fleece, a polyester fabric made with fiber spun from recycled beverage bottles. This fleece exceeds all industry standards for strength, quality, and color fastness. It is BPA free and has undergone strict testing and certification to ensure its safety for your baby, while offering the most environmentally friendly fleece available. Laurenceleste blankets will never pill, always stay luxurious, and will ensure your baby’s continued warmth year after year.

Polartec fabrics are known for their easy care and lasting durability. Laurenceleste blankets can be washed in warm water and tumbled dry on low.



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